1.  If you find that on server, you don’t see the current location of the vehicle or the Vehicle Icon goes blue that means the tracker is 

     not sending data to the server from a long period (more than 5 hrs).

2.  Please do the following test.

     a.  Go to the control panel and see that what SIM is inserted to the device (GPS Tracker).

     b.  Send the SMS command to the device to see if the device is responding to the SMS.

         i.  Where# (for location)

     c.  Check if the device is getting the power in that case, you should see the device LEDs are blinking.

3.  If the device is responding to SMS but data is not visible on server?

    a.  It indicates following situations.

        i.  GPRS in the SIM card is not activated.  Please take out the SIM card use it in a mobile phone and see if you can access 

            the internet.

        ii.  If you verify that the data services in the SIM card is working fine then check following thing.

        iii.  You might have done some mistake while adding the device in the account, It may be some number mistake in the IMEI


        iv.  If you are using pre-paid  SIM card, it may be that the data plan is finished for your SIM card.

         v.  Please check  if you are setting right APN for the device. Please refer the following APN setting.

SIM Card









Postpaid : mtnl3g

Prepaid : pps3g

Tata Docomo









Please check  if you are setting right IP/PORT for the device. Please refer the following IP/PORT setting given in your control panel page for different devices.


4.  If the device is responding to SMS but the lat/long is coming 0.000000/0.000000 that  means, the GPS antenna is not proper, 

     Please check following thing. 

     a.You might have used GPS Antenna in GSM knob while GSM Antenna might have been used for GPS Knob.

     b.  The GPS Antenna might be hidden or fell down and due to that it might have been hidden and not under the sky.

     c.The GPS Antenna is broken or the lead is tempered.


5.  Some time, you may have to resend all the configuration command again to live the device again on server.


6.  If you have used the device in an old account and you are migrating that device in a new account then data sync is required from 

     server. Then only the data would start coming on new account.


7.  Device will send data only when it is in motion.


8.  Please check if you have given all the following command successfully.

    a.SERVER,0,<IP Address>,<Port Number>,0#

    b.  APN,<APN>#

    c. GPRSSET#

    d.  PARAM#

    e.  TIMER,30#

    f.   GMT,E,0,00#(in GT06 case)

         GMT,E,5,30#(in GT07 case)